Summer School Holiday Programme

Supported by MAC management, a group of volunteers (led by a few from the teaching & education background) are organising a Summer Holiday Programme for children from age 5 years to 12 years old. 

It will be held at Masjeed An Nur from 9am to 1pm from Monday 20th to Friday 24th, JANUARY 2020. If you are interested, please register on the link below.  
The main motivation for this event is to welcome the children back to the Masjeed and inculcate a love for the House of Allah. We are including 5 days of learning and fun activities for the children including a tram ride.

We strongly encourage parents to participate in helping and supporting us for that week of the holiday programme. Please sign up for volunteering!

Limited spaces. Please Register online:

Note: Please do not register your child if they are below 5years old, and above 12years old.  Jazakumullakhairan