Meet & Greet @Linwood Mosque

Saturday 23rd November, 2019

MAC Exco members were cordially invited to Linwood Masjeed by the Trustees to come together and introduce themselves to a friendly meet and greet evening. The MAC Exco members were welcomed by the Trustees: Br. Ahmed, Br.Faisal, Br.Abdul Aziz and Imam Abdul Latif. And a scrumptious meal was served after.

The MAC Exco members who attended were Br. Murray Stirling (Treasurer), Br.Mohamed Jama (President), Sr. Jumayah Jones (Publications Media Secretary), Br. Mohammed Huk ( Social Secretary), Sr. Tooba Habib (Women’s Coordinator) & Sr. Gulshan Huk (Assistant Women Coordinator). Apologies from Br. Feroze Ditta (General Secretary) and Br. Bati Jarso (Maintenance Secretary)