Christchurch Crisis Update 4.2

1. The Police are engaging with families directly. Each family has been assigned an individual case officer. They are working with each family discussing the release of their deceased. There was a meeting yesterday, and will be again today at 6pm with these families discussing this along with details of next steps.

2. The Community leaders took part in a blessing alongside Ngai Tahu. The respected ‘Kai Karakea’ visited and blessed both Mosques this morning.

3. A meeting took place today discussing the return of the two mosques. We are working on a timeline with Police on when they will be reopened. A dedicated representative from each Mosques is being assigned to work with the Police on this. The key focus is to ensure that they will be returned to us in a state that is suitable for our community to continue regular prayer and activities.

4. Owners of the cars that are within the cordoned off areas will be contacted individually by Police to arrange the return of their cars.

5. Arrangements for Jummah are being discussed for this coming Friday. We will provide an update when a venue has been determined.

6. The coroner team are doing absolutely everything in their power to work through their processes as quickly as possible. They have brought in teams from around New Zealand and from overseas to work around the clock. The Ghusl (washing) teams are established and ready to go and the Burial site is prepped and all processes are in place. Our priority is to engage with the families with the official engagement process.

7. More Specific information on the Janaza is still being finalised. Further information will be provided at our public briefing at 9pm tonight at the Horticultural Centre.