UC Islamic Awareness Week 2017

Join us in a range of enlightening events and learn more about Islam’s true aspirations!

Below is a summary of all the events happenining in IAW:

Halal101 Ft. Bro Mazharuddin Syed – A talk about what is halal food and its importance for Muslims
2nd of October – 12-1pm at E14

Booth – Find our booth around the Undercroft and indulge in our cool activities including Arabic calligraphy, Henna, Hijab try-outs, Quran Listening and free food!
3rd and 4th of October – 11-2pm at Undercroft

Malice in Wonderland Ft. Mehded Maryam Sinclair – Prepare to be enthralled by the amazing author and world renown Islamic story teller from the UK, Mehded Maryam Sinclair, she’ll be sharing her storytelling performance of an oft-repeated setting of the Quran: Ancient Egypt.
3rd of October – 6pm at E6

Hijab Panel – Get to learn and understand different perspectives of how the Hijabi lifestyle is influenced in today’s society and age directly from our trusty guest speakers from Nawawi Center: Ayesha Jones and Nadiah Ali. Questions are encouraged!
4th of October, Wed – 6pm at E16 (Eng. Core)

Closing Ceremony – We have a few performances lined up including beautiful Quran recitation, Malaysian performances and Nasheeds, videos summarising our campaign and final words of wisdom from a surprise guest.
5th of October – 6pm at E6

We hope to see you at our events insha’Allah!

Note: Light refreshments will be served at most events!

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