Summer School Holiday Programme

Supported by MAC management, a group of volunteers (led by a few from the teaching & education background) are organising a Summer Holiday Programme for children from age 5 years to 12 years old. 

It will be held at Masjeed An Nur from 9am to 1pm from Monday 20th to Friday 24th, JANUARY 2020. If you are interested, please register on the link below.  
The main motivation for this event is to welcome the children back to the Masjeed and inculcate a love for the House of Allah. We are including 5 days of learning and fun activities for the children including a tram ride.

We strongly encourage parents to participate in helping and supporting us for that week of the holiday programme. Please sign up for volunteering!

Limited spaces. Please Register online:

Note: Please do not register your child if they are below 5years old, and above 12years old.  Jazakumullakhairan


Monday 9th December 2019


Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un
Janazah prayers tomorrow (Tuesday, 10 December) at 11.30am,for four deceased, followed by the burial at Memorial Park at 12.30pm.
Help needed with the burial.

The deceased were involved in the Kaikoura accident. The victims were Adanan bin Jeman, 49, his wife, Rumihati bte Abdul Hamid, 49, and their daughters, Aaleeyah Maisarah bte Adanan, 13 and Nur Irfan bte Adanan, 15. The family were visitors from Sabah, East Malaysia.

May Allah s.w.t. have mercy on their souls. Ameen

Visit by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Thursday 24th October, 2019

A delegation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints visited Masjeed An Nur, led by Robert Craven, Becky Craven & Sharon Eubank from USA, Elder Allistair Odgers & Noeline Odgers from Christchurch. We thank them for their generous donations that they had made directly to the victims and directly to the two mosques in Deans Avenue & Linwood.

From the left: Robert & Becky Craven, Elder Allistair Odgers, Noeline Odgers & Sharon Eubank with MAC Intercultural Facilitators, Jumayah & Sarah
From left: Robert & Becky Craven,(USA) Elder Allistair Odgers, Noeline Odgers & Sharon Eubank (USA), Jumayah (MAC) & Hafsa Ahmad from Lady Khadija Trust

Visit by Croatian Ambassador

Wednesday 27th November, 2019

We were honoured to welcome the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, Ms Betty Pavelich Sirois who came to Masjeed An Nur with her two sons and her Counsellor, Sandra Tvrtkovic.

The Ambassador is based in Canberra and was accredited to New Zealand only after April 2019. She conveyed her regrets for not being able to attend the commemoration for the victims of Christchurch Mosque attacks that was held on 23rd March at Hagley Park. She was grateful for the opportunity to lay a wreath/flowers at the Mosque and to pay respect. She had requested and was happy to have the opportunity to meet with Imam Gamal Fouda.

She expressed her condolences and presented Croatia’s model of interfaith relations, especially the one with its Islamic community, that is often referred to as exemplary in Europe.

From left: Sr Sarah Quadir (MAC Intercultural Facilitator), Imam Gamal Fouda,
Ambassador Betty Pavelich Sirois, Sandra Tvrtkovic, Alexander & Christian Sirois

Community Busy Bee Gardening Day

Saturday 19th October, 2019

Thank you to the wonderful Kiwi community and the brothers and sisters who came to help at the busy bee gardening day. We hope to have more of this communal gardening activity. Special thanks to bro. Kynan Buckingham for organising it. Mashaa’Allah.

Tributes of Aroha

Friday 13th September, 2019

The Christchurch Art Gallery held a 3 days exhibition sharing many tributes that were given to the Muslim Community since the 15th March tragedy. The outpouring of love and condolences were multiplied by numerous tributes in several forms of gifts from paintings, handmade quilts, carvings, origami, fresh and plastic flowers, painted rocks, candles, knitted hearts and the list goes on.

Sisters Fun & Get Together Day

Saturday 14th December, 2019

There will be a Sisters and children event coming up soon that will be held at Masjeed An Nur. All female friends and neighbours are welcomed.

For further details and queries, please contact Sister Tooba Habib (Women’s Coordinator) Mobile contact: 021783077

Sisters fun & Get together d
Letter from Sr Tooba, MAC Women Coordinator

Christchurch Crisis Update 4.2

1. The Police are engaging with families directly. Each family has been assigned an individual case officer. They are working with each family discussing the release of their deceased. There was a meeting yesterday, and will be again today at 6pm with these families discussing this along with details of next steps.

2. The Community leaders took part in a blessing alongside Ngai Tahu. The respected ‘Kai Karakea’ visited and blessed both Mosques this morning.

3. A meeting took place today discussing the return of the two mosques. We are working on a timeline with Police on when they will be reopened. A dedicated representative from each Mosques is being assigned to work with the Police on this. The key focus is to ensure that they will be returned to us in a state that is suitable for our community to continue regular prayer and activities.

4. Owners of the cars that are within the cordoned off areas will be contacted individually by Police to arrange the return of their cars.

5. Arrangements for Jummah are being discussed for this coming Friday. We will provide an update when a venue has been determined.

6. The coroner team are doing absolutely everything in their power to work through their processes as quickly as possible. They have brought in teams from around New Zealand and from overseas to work around the clock. The Ghusl (washing) teams are established and ready to go and the Burial site is prepped and all processes are in place. Our priority is to engage with the families with the official engagement process.

7. More Specific information on the Janaza is still being finalised. Further information will be provided at our public briefing at 9pm tonight at the Horticultural Centre.

Situation updates

Dear Muslim Community

Since yesterday, every victim’s family have been assigned a case officer from the police who is in charge of giving them status updates as soon as they develop, there has been a meeting with the families yesterday where they have been briefed about the status of their deceased loved ones and the plan going forward, and there is another meeting this evening to give them further updates.

As for the Janazah and Ghosl, the families have been given the choice whether to wait for a mass Janazah or have their loved ones buried as soon as possible, for those who chose to have their loved ones buried as soon as possible, the procedure will start once the police allow them to collect the bodies, which should be within the next couple of days.

For the mass Janazah, it will be held once the final body is ready, which according the current status will be by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

Victim support donation

Salam Alykom,
MAC has dedicated the following two accounts for the support of the victims of Christchurch:
Bank: BNZ
Acc#: 02-0800-0041468-06
Reference: CHC Janaza
Bank: BNZ
Acc#: 02-0800-0041468-05
Reference: 15 March