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Brothers & Sisters Assalamoalaikum( Peace be upon you all),

Great news for Christchurch Muslim Ummah…

InshAllah from tomorrow the Friday 15th of July 2016, there will be a Quran (Teaching) Class for the ummah in the Masjid Al Noor.

Timing every Friday from Maghrib to Isha , For all Muslims, including male/female of all age that can recite the Quran.

The Imam will cover in this class one page every Friday, with Tajweed, translation, Tafseer and improvement of recitation. All the present ummah will be required to recite one to two line, if they wants to improve their recitation.

We are also trying to arrange food for the ummah at the end of the class and isha prayer.  This class and the food arrangement will be run and facilitated by community donations and assistance. Further details, in this regards, will be shared soon.


If you have any question in regards to this class, please feel free to contact Imam Gamal or Br Habib. You can also follow us on face book page @MAC FB PAGE


Social Affairs Secretary

Muslim Association Of Canterbury

101 Deans Ave, Rriccorton