Christchurch Crisis Update 4.2

1. The Police are engaging with families directly. Each family has been assigned an individual case officer. They are working with each family discussing the release of their deceased. There was a meeting yesterday, and will be again today at 6pm with these families discussing this along with details of next steps. 2. The Community leaders took part in a […]

Situation updates

Dear Muslim Community Since yesterday, every victim’s family have been assigned a case officer from the police who is in charge of giving them status updates as soon as they develop, there has been a meeting with the families yesterday where they have been briefed about the status of their deceased loved ones and the plan going forward, and there […]

Vehicle Recovery

Police have told us that some of the vehicles from within the cordon could be removed and returned to their owners. There are some conditions and requirements for this. Conditions: – No vehicles from the carpark of the Mosque – No vehicles from the Mosque side of the street This means for those cars opposite to the Mosque, the police […]